Risk Management

Nigerians today like those in other parts of the world require risk management services because of exposure to various threats daily ranging from terrorism to kidnapping. This is forcing individuals, companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs. Chogons Guards and Safety limited brings innovation to the field of security consulting by evolving a proven risk reduction methodology to aid its clients in the development and establishment of effective and cost-efficient security measures.

Our consulting services begins by analyzing a company or individuals security needs. In assessing clients’ needs, we dedicate our attention to ensuring that practical security decisions are based on a thorough analysis of current conditions and that recommendations are appropriate to the level of threat. Further, we develop and provide training on a full scope of security policies and procedures to enable our clients to be prepared for such matters as emergency management, business continuity and other security matters.


  • Designing a comprehensive and thorough security master plan that is based on level of threat and includes operational, physical and logical security solutions and proven measures of protection
  • Developing written security policies and procedures for an extensive range of business processes, incidents and situational scenarios 
  • Making informed decisions when procuring security systems and equipment to ensure that devices:
    1.  Integrate to maximize efficiency and optimize system capabilities
    2. Represent the best in current technology and security offerings
    3. Are expandable and offer the ability to add-on additional system devices as needed
    • Obtaining independent, expert security advice when needed, without hiring a security manager and requisite security staff