Event Security

Chogon Guards are committed to providing exceptional guest services to people of all ages to assure a safe and enjoyable experience at each event. We have an array of professionally trained male/female security officers focusing on excellent customer service, high quality presentation, effective and targeted negotiation skills leading to successful conflict resolution. As crowd control in major events continues to be a dominant issue in highly populated cities like Lagos, our men are also trained in event crowd management and control

Chogon Guards pledges to deliver courteous service and project a positive image to our clients and their guests alike. Because we are ambassadors for our organization as well as each facility and event we serve, our staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained. The skills, dedication and leadership of our supervisory staff ensure that the entire crew will perform professionally at all times.

You can now be assured that your event can take place without the interruption of street urchins (alayes as they are called in Lagos). Our men are trained to carry out talks and negotiations with several interest group in the community even before the event takes place. We can carry out a pre-event inspection service at no cost to our client.
We can provide security services for events like

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Religious gathering
  • Political rallies
  • Etc.

Call our hotline to day discuss your coming event and how it can be organized with effective security guarantee