You are welcome to the official website of Chogon Guards and Safety Limited-Nigeria's preferred private security and risk management Company. The company is an arm of Chogon Facilities Nigeria Ltd. This security and advisory unit provides a comprehensive service covering all areas of security services and operations.

Combining our proven track record and expertise we enable our clients - multinationals, governments, international agencies and many others minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

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What We Do

In Chogon Guards and Safety Ltd, our focus is to protect and safeguard the things that our clients value most; at home, at work and in the community. Chogon's unique services are renowned for their hallmark features of tact, discretion, complete professionalism and utter reliability. They include:

  • Manned Guard Services
  • Events Security and Crowd Control
  • Protocol / VIP Escort
  • Risk Management and Consultancy
  • Electronics Security
  • Fire Safety installation and Maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Outsourcing

Security Tips

What is Security? Security is the degree of protection you have against danger, damage, loss and crime.
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