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Managing complex programs for customers worldwide

In Chogon Guards and Safety Ltd, our focus is to protect and safeguard the things that our clients value most; at home, at work and in the community. Our tailored services differ depending on our client’s needs, requirements, and circumstances associated with our client's profession or status.
Our services include:

  • Manned Guard Services: Chogon Guards are well trained, vetted and highly motivated guards, Our trainings are tailored to meet the specific security needs of each Client; Residences, Factories, Schools, Churches, Estates Security, Streets, Crescents and businesses...
  • Events Security and Crowd Control: We provide total security covering for all corporate and social events such as, Weddings, Launchings, funeral and religious gatherings, Rallies etc...
  • Protocol / VIP Escort: The provision of close protection to dignitaries and VIPs is a specialized security function. The company has a large number of well trained personnel who posses extensive close protection experience....
  • Fire Safety Installation and Maintenance: Completion of a fire risk assessment is a requirement by law and the starting point for all businesses that need to develop effective Fire prevention & contingency plans. We help to protect your staff, property & the environment. ...
  • Electronics Security: With the rapid growth in Information Technology, ICT has become the bane of security all over the world. We supply and install sophisticated and up to date security electronic technology / Solutions. Our Service offerings includes Electrified fencing systems, Intruder detection System, Panic Alarm System, Access Control Systems, Surveillance Systems and fire detection Systems and Fire Detection Systems....
  • Training Programmes: We offer a specialized, state-of-the-art training program to our security personnel who are assigned to protect your employees, visitors and assets. Our security officers complete an intensive training program which includes...


Who We Are.

Chogon Guards And Safety Limited is an indigenous Nigeria Company providing total and integrated security solutions to individuals, government, corporate bodies and NGOs.

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Chogon Guards and Safety Ltd takes your security seriously and undertakes every possible measure to ensure that all our security officers and staff are trained, qualified, and trustworthy.

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10 Diya Street
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