Managing complex programs for customers worldwide

Security Solutions: We provide solutions that help keep your home, office and neighbourhhod safe from the activities of armed robbers and other human threats.

Fleet Management: We provides tailor made solutions to your fleet management needs through our software integration which allows you to manage and accurately track your asset with second by second logging without swamping you with meaningless data ...

Risk Management and Consultancy: Our expertise in risk assessment, Evaluation and Management spans criminal intelligence, business intelligence and Insurance, risk assessment etc.CHOGON GUARDS in this regard is highly confidential to any unauthorized persons. The underlying principle for us here is the fact that you can only proffer excellent solutions to clients when you can identify their pure risk, and fully analyze it to understand their real security need.

Outsourcing: We have acquired very strong competence in outsourcing Management of the outsourced staff and their payrolls. Our expertise lies in the area of recruitment, screening, and selection, training and managing personnel of different categories such as Cleaners, Security Guards, Technicians, Facilities Managers, drivers, protocol officers, control room experts, technicians, secretaries, receptionist, and senior security personnel. All our personnel are properly vetted and well trained to provide quality and professional services at all times.


Assess. Avert. Achieve.

When managing security programs, Chogon strives to assess the security situation, avert any risks and help customers achieve a successful business outcome.


Our security specialists conduct a comprehensive site analysis to determine threats, develop security plans and allocate security resources.


Our integrated approach to managing security programs includes mobile and fixed-site security, community engagement plans, intelligence and analysis support, security assessments and technology recommendations.


Our customers can maintain business continuity and achieve results by relying on our integrated security and mission support services.